Oil Art of Graham, Texas

Alexandre Hogue and other artists depicted oilfield life in the 1930s.

The 1939 “Oil Fields of Graham” mural by Alexandre Hogue is on display in its original Texas oil patch community’s historic U.S. Postal Service building – now a museum.

Born in Memphis, Missouri, on February 22, 1898, Hogue became known for his paintings of southwestern scenes during the Great Depression – including murals of the 1930s petroleum industry. (more…)

Petroleum & Oilfield Artists

Since it earliest days, the oil and gas industry has drawn writers, photographers, painters, sculptors, movie makers…social media.


Community museums, historians, writers, and educators across the country are dedicated to preserving the heritage of the petroleum industry, a history that has defined the 21st century. Oilfield artists have been important recorders and interpreters of petroleum’s influence in the United States.

For students and researchers, the American Oil & Gas Historical Society adds new Oil in Art articles, and the resources page includes links for photography (universities and the Library of Congress), petroleum history videos, and a small AOGHS selection of books and authors


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