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The American Oil & Gas Historical Society website includes links to state and national energy education resources and hundreds of community oil museums that can help with your petroleum artifacts research.

Because this historical society does not have resources to investigate all old stock certificates and company histories, AOGHS has created a popular forum. Feel free to post your stock question (with date and details about the certificate) on the Stock Certificate Q&A forum page.

AOGHS research help – Some requests (with images) can be posted in the Research & Artifacts Forum. Annual AOGHS supporting members can contact the society using this form Research Requests if you would like your research question added. Include details that will be posted. AOGHS will contact you if a website visitor has information.

Join AOGHS today as a supporting member of our energy education team!

Bruce Wells, Executive Director
American Oil & Gas Historical Society
3204 18th Street, NW, No. 3
Washington, D.C.  20010     (202) 387-6996


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