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This Week in Petroleum History, September 16 to September 22

The first major oil discovery in Utah arrived in the giant Uinta Basin in 1948. Read More

This Week in Petroleum History, September 9 to September 15

The Texas oil industry began in 1866 with a well drilled at Nacogdoches by a Civil War veteran. Read More

This Week in Petroleum History, September 2 to September 8

Modern gas pumps began in 1885 with a kerosene pump at a grocery store. Read More

This Week in Petroleum History, August 26 to September 1

An 1859 Pennsylvania oil discovery launched the U.S. petroleum industry. Read More


U.S. petroleum exploration, production and transportation history provides a context for understanding the energy industry.

Petroleum history news & EVENTS

Dinosaur Fever – Sinclair’s Icon

Introduced in 1930, the Sinclair Oil “Dino” became a marketing icon whose popularity endures today. Read More

Horace Horton’s Spheres

The Chicago Bridge & Iron Company patented “Hortonspheres,” storage vessels invented in the 1920s by its founder. Read More

First Louisiana Oil Well

The first Louisiana oil well revealed the giant Jennings oilfield on September 21, 1901, and launched the Pelican State’s petroleum industry. Read More

Is my Old Oil Stock worth Anything?

An old petroleum stock certificate’s vignette is often its best value for scripophily – certificates as collectibles. Read More