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Sharing ideas about how to research and preserve petroleum history.

Thanks to its links to research sources and updated editorial content, this American Oil & Gas Historical Society (AOGHS) website educates thousands of people about U.S. petroleum history. When contacted about oil and gas related family heirlooms, the society has helped locate suitable museum collection for preserving the histories (see Adding Family Petroleum Heritage to Museum Collections).

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But there are many more oil and gas industry stories to share. For 2020, AOGHS will be establishing several forums for visitors to exchange information, comments, and suggestions. Here are a few examples:

Old Petroleum Company Stocks

Helpful financial research links and a popular Q&A forum about obsolete U.S. petroleum company stock certificates: Old Oil & Gas Stock Certificates and Is my Old Oil Stock worth Anything?

Travel in the Oil Patch

Texas Road Trip – “Hi, next year we are planning a road trip in the United States that starts in Dallas, Texas, heading to Amarillo and then on to New Mexico and beyond. We will be following the U.S. 287 most of the way to Amarillo and would like to know of any oil fields we could visit or simply photograph on the way…” COMMENTS

Petroleum Collectibles

Historic Tanker Memorabilia – “My father spent his working life with Lone Star Gas, he is gone many years now I am getting on. Going through a few of his things. A little book made up that he received when he and my mother attended the commissioning of the Natalie O. Warren Propane Tanker. I am wondering if it is of any value to anyone. Or any museum.” – Bill

Live elephant advertising, Skelly Oil – “My grandfather owned a Skelly service station in Sidney, Iowa in the 1930s and 1940s. I have a photo of him with an elephant in front of the station. I recall reading somewhere that Skelly had this elephant touring from station to station as an advertising stunt. Does anyone have any more history on the live elephant tour for Skelly Oil? I’d love to find out more.” – Thanks, Jeff


Refinery Supply Company Slide Rule

Attention collectors of antique slide rules: Here’s a question about those analog calculating devices that became obsolete when electronic pocket calculators hit the market in the early 1970s. He hopes someone will know something about a rare one from a refinery supply company..MORE.

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