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joe roughnck

Texas artist Torg Thompson created printed and bronze versions of “Joe Roughneck” in the 1950s.

Joe Roughneck and his rugged mug has symbolized the best of the U.S. oil patch since 1955. His sculpture has been dedicated in parks, saluted by Texas governors, and featured in newspaper and magazine articles.

A bronze Joe Roughneck presented annually as the petroleum industry’s “Chief Roughneck Award” honors a person whose achievements and character represent the highest ideals of the industry. Lee K. Boothby, chairman, president and CEO of Newfield Exploration Company, received the 2015 Chief Roughneck Award. Boothby has led Newfield Exploration as chairman since 2009.

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Since 1955, the Chief Roughneck award has recognized one individual whose accomplishments and character represent the highest ideals of the oil and natural gas industry.
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