Sawyer Petroleum Company was formed by Ernest Walker Sawyer, former assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Interior.

The company was active in Beaverhead County, Montana, in the 1960s. It partnered with the Union Pacific Railroad Company in pursuit of rare-earth minerals (radioactive thorite) in the Lemhi Pass district, part of the Bitterroot Range in the Rocky Mountains.

The company’s name changed to Sawyer-Adecor International in the 1970s. In March 1997 the company was renamed again as Oil Retrieval Systems, Inc.

The newly named company reportedly was in the business of manufacturing and distributing portable swabbing units to the oil and natural gas industry.

However, the Securities and Exchange Commission records Oil Retrieval Systems, Inc. as a dissolved Arizona corporation, having not filed any required periodic reports since 1996.

Sawyer Petroleum Company stock certificates sell on eBay for about $10.

The company is not related to Sawyer Petroleum Inc., founded in 1948 and today a distributor of fuels from refiners to the greater Los Angeles and Ventura Counties in California. 

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