Buck-Run Oil-and-Refining-Co-stock-AOGHS

Amidst World War I, the Buck Run Oil and Refining Company incorporated in Delaware on November 13, 1917.

After the war, on July 12, 1920, the company combined with the Republic Oil Company and the Oklahoma Oil and Gas Company to form the Fulton Group of Oil Companies.

At the time of consolidation into the Fulton Group, Buck Oil & Refining was contributing “the greater part of the oil,” but production soon fell off to less than 100 barrels a day.

Producing wells in remote locations and transportation costs compounded Buck Run Oil’s problems.

With diminished production, increased costs, and oil prices declining, the newly formed Fulton Group could not pay dividends. Its shares “attracted very little attention” on the unlisted market, according to American Investor magazine.

With its Delaware Charter forfeited in 1921, Buck Run Oil & Refining Company disappeared. For a fee, the Delaware secretary of state can retrieve additional records.

Interestingly, several other stock certificates discussed in “Is My Old Oil Stock Worth Anything” share this certificate’s artwork: Buffalo Texas Oil Company; American Oil and Securities Corporation; Evangeline Oil Company; and Texas Production Company.

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