Mountain States Resources Corporation was incorporated in Utah on April 15, 1969, for the purpose of mining and mineral extraction as well as oil and gas exploration, development, and production.

The company drilled for oil in Utah’s Emery and San Juan counties and conducted mineral prospecting for several years.

The only operating U.S. uranium processing plant operates in Blanding, San Juan County, which also includes several oil and natural gas fields.

The “Tin Cup” field, discovered by Marathon Oil in 1981, is about 20 miles southeast of Blanding.

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mountain States Resources discontinued operations in 1993 and by June 30, 1995, listed assets of just $440 with liabilities of $934,444.

In a September 29, 1997, using a reverse merger with recapitalization and reorganization, Mountain States Resources – with neither assets nor operations – became Micro-Media Solutions, Inc.

Micro-Media Solutions went public in 1998 as a technology corporation, “formed to provide computer hardware and peripherals, internet services, service and support, maintenance, installation services, network systems integration…and related turnkey services to the public and private sectors.”

Obsolete Mountain States Resources Corporation stock certificates have nominal collectible value.


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