Newspaper advertisements made many incredible claims, including: “Think for a minute what it means to the olden Goose Oil and Refining Company and its shareholders for the big companies to spend practically $200,000 on these deep tests, as it is only 100 yards from from the producing wells…”
Golden Goose Oil and Refining Company promoted sales of its stock in Texas newspapers during February of 1919, urging investors to buy at “10 cents A Share While It Lasts.”

The company purported to own a 20-acre lease in the prolific Burkburnett oilfield – where there was a “frenzied rush” and “virtual stampede for acreage in this immediate vicinity.”

The company’s stock was available at the Burkburnett Oil & Trade Exchange in Fort Worth. Advertisements proclaimed that “Golden Goose Stock Will Go Sky High.” It didn’t.

Golden Goose Oil and Refining Company certificates may have value to scripophily collectors. Learn more about the North Texas petroleum history in “Boom Town” of Burkburnett.


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