Many petroleum companies use and have used the name Apex Oil. Records show a San Antonio, Texas-based company that formed and failed by 1916.

Another exploration company, Apex Oil & Gas Company, was formed in 1920 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by S.A. Logsdon, E. Bercutt and H. Robinowitz with $50,000 capital. Apex Oil & Gas reported drilling two shallow wells in Kentucky in 1922 – but with minimal oil production (about 13 barrels of oil a day).

By 1929, another Apex Oil and Gas Company formed in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. This Apex Oil drilled two dry holes in a row and did not survive the Great Depression.

Sapulpa had attracted hundreds of exploration companies after a series of gushers led to Making Tulsa “Oil Capital of the World.”

When the Glen Pool oilfield was discovered in 1905 a few miles from Sapulpa, Oklahoma was still two years away from becoming the 46th state.

Thanks to oil and natural gas discoveries, the area grew from a very small village to a prosperous city within a few years, explains the Sapulpa Historical Society.

“Because of the availability of natural gas from the Glen Pool field, glass plants located here, notes the society’s website. “We are still home to Bartlett-Collins Company, which manufactures tableware, and St. Gobain (formerly Liberty Glass Company), which manufactures beverage containers.”

According to the society, abundant natural gas supplies in 1938 attracted John and Grace Lee Frank, who moved their Frankoma Pottery plant to Sapulpa – to make a popular “wagonwheel” tableware. Learn a lot more about “Sooner State” petroleum exploration and production in Oklahoma Oil History.


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