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September 2019

Sinclair oil tankers from 1941

I am seeking information on three tankers which so far has been hard to come by. I happened upon your pages and, while these vessels are not listed there, I am taking a stab in the dark that you might know the information I seek, or know where to direct me to get it.

It is information on three Sinclair oil tankers, which were not Type T2 but rather custom built. I have so far found their names, that they were built in 1941 in Quincy, MA, at the Fore River shipyard, and that they had Armed Guard detachments during WWII, indicating that they had some armament.

The vessels are the Sinclair Opaline, the Sinclair Rubilene, and the Sinclair Superflame. I want to know for all three their:

  • total barrels or gallons of cargo they could carry
  • net and gross registered tonnage
  • maximum and cruising speeds
  • specific armament

I have this additional information from NavSource:

Hull No. 1488 Sinclair Opaline 471′ Tanker Sinclair Refining Co. New 16 Aug 1941
Hull No. 1489 Sinclair Rubilene 471′ Tanker Sinclair Refining Co. New 20 Sept 1941
Hull No. 1490 Sinclair Superflame 471′ Tanker Sinclair Refining Co. New 7 Nov 1941

I do appreciate your assistance, and any information which you can provide. Sincerely, — John

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