January 15, 2020 (December 21, 2019) – Oil & Gas History News, Vol. 1, No. 1 


Oil & Gas History News


“Any survey of the natural resources used as sources of energy must include a discussion about the importance of oil, the lifeblood of all industrialized nations.”– Daniel Yergin, bestselling author and winner of the Pulitzer Prize

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Highlights from “This Week in Petroleum History”

December 16 to December 22 – Fighting Oilfield Fires with Cannons looks at an 1884 Massachusetts Institute of Technology magazine article. The MIT reporter offers a firsthand account of lightning strikes and the practice of using Civil War cannons to shoot at burning tanks. Also featured: California Oil Boom in Venice (1929); Hunt Oil Company founded in Texas (1934); “Prince of Petroleum” opens Tulsa Refinery (1913)… 

December 9 to December 15 – Project Gasbuggy tests Nuclear Fracturing reviews experiments testing the feasibility of using nuclear explosions to stimulate production from shale. Government scientists in 1967 detonated a 29-kiloton device in a New Mexico natural gas well. Other headlines: GM Scientists discover Anti-Knock Properties of Leaded Gas (1921); Apollo 17 Geologist becomes First Scientist on Moon (1972)… 

December 2 to December 8 – Enron Corporation files for Bankruptcy notes the 2011 collapse of what was once the world’s largest energy-trading company. Also this week: President Nixon creates EPA (1970); First Oil Discovery using Reflection Seismography (1928); Giant Oklahoma City Oilfield discovered (1928); Helium discovered in Natural Gas (1905)…  

November 25 to December 1 – First U.S. Drive-In Service Station opens in Pittsburgh tells how Gulf Refining Company sold “Good Gulf Gasoline” at a pagoda-style brick facility offering free air, water, crankcase service, and tire and tube installation. And of note: Art Museum features Painting of Mobilgas Station (1940); “Oil Queen of California” dies (1941); First Kansas Oil Well (1892); Standard Oil registers “Esso” Trademark (1923)… 

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