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This Week in Petroleum History, November 23 – November 29

Superman’s first full-length movie includes public panic over the “World’s Deepest Oil Well” in 1951. Read More

This Week in Petroleum History, November 16 to November 22

Two years before Oklahoma statehood, a 1905 oil discovery will help make Tulsa the “Oil Capital of the World.” Read More

This Week in Petroleum History, November 9 – November 15

A 1947 oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, the Kermac No. 16, is the first completed out of sight of land. Read More

This Week in Petroleum History, November 2 – 8

The first U.S. automobile show opens in November 1900 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Read More


Does the history of America’s petroleum industry offer a context for teaching the modern energy business?

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Petroleum history news & EVENTS

History of the 42-Gallon Oil Barrel

Soon after America’s first oil discovery in 1859, Pennsylvania oilmen met in and decided a 42-gallon barrel was best for transporting oil. Read More

Buffalo Bill Shoshone Oil Company

Col. William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody’s legacy extends beyond his Wild West Show. Learn about his exploration into the oil business. Read More

Is my Old Oil Stock worth Anything?

An old petroleum stock certificate’s vignette is often its best value for scripophily – certificates as collectibles. Read More

Oilfield Artillery

Civil War era cannons once helped fight oilfield fires. The solid shots drained oil storage tanks ignited after lightning strikes. Read More