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This Week in Petroleum History, September 29 – October 5

A “Tribute to the Roughnecks” is dedicated in 2006 atop Signal Hill, California. It commemorates the 1921 Long Beach Oilfield discovery. Read More

This Week in Petroleum History, September 22 – September 28

A World War II invention, the anti-tank bazooka, advances petroleum production technology in 1951 with the “Shaped Charge Assembly and Gun.” Read More

This Week in Petroleum History, September 15 – September 21

Natural gas fields discovered in the late 1880s encourage many Indiana towns to erect rows of “flambeaux” arches to attract industries. Read More

This Week in Petroleum History, September 8 – September 14

President Gerald Ford speaks at the 1975 opening of the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, Library and Hall of Fame in Midland, Texas. Read More


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Petroleum history news & EVENTS

Crude History of Maybel’s Eyelashes

Crude History of Maybel’s Eyelashes: Few associate oil wells of the 1860s with women’s smiling faces, but they are fashionably related. Read More

Blue Flame Natural Gas Rocket Car

The Blue Flame – Natural Gas Rocket Car: On October 23, 1970, natural gas powered the Blue Flame into the world land-speed record books. Read More

America on the Move

America on the Move: The Smithsonian Institution’s permanent transportation exhibition features “Route 66.” Read More

First Wyoming Oil Well

In 1883, tales of a fabled “tar spring” may have inspired a wildcatter – Pennsylvanian Mike Murphy – to drill Wyoming’s first oil well. Read More