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This Week in Petroleum History, May 25 – 31

Santa Rita No. 1 – the “Oil Well of the Century” – today stands at the University of Texas, which it helped establish. Read More

This Week in Petroleum History, May 18 – 24

A bronze “Doodlebugger” welcomes visitors to the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, established in May 1930. Read More

This Week in Petroleum History, May 11 – 17

The Golden Driller statue debuts at the May 1953 International Petroleum Exposition in Tulsa, the Oil Capital of the World. Read More

This Week in Petroleum History, May 4 – 10

Erle P. Halliburton in 1920 founds a high-tech cementing company in Oklahoma using self-propelled trucks with jet mixers. Read More


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Petroleum history news & EVENTS

Oil, Vaseline and Maybelline Cosmetics

Crude History of Mabel’s Eyelashes: Few associate oil wells of the 1860s with women’s smiling faces, but they are fashionably related. Read More

Blue Flame Natural Gas Rocket Car

The Blue Flame – Natural Gas Rocket Car: On October 23, 1970, natural gas powered the Blue Flame into the world land-speed record books. Read More

First Wyoming Oil Well

In 1883, tales of a fabled “tar spring” may have inspired a wildcatter – Pennsylvanian Mike Murphy – to drill Wyoming’s first oil well. Read More

America on the Move

America on the Move: The Smithsonian Institution’s permanent transportation exhibition features “Route 66.” Read More