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This Week in Petroleum History, November 24 to November 30

The red Pegasus logo of Mobilgas is featured in “Gas,” a 1940 oil painting by Edward Hopper, who anticipates the Pop Art movement. Read More

This Week in Petroleum History, November 17 to November 23

Public fear of the risk of drilling too deep highlights 1951 theatrical release of “Superman and the Mole Men,” which earns good reviews. Read More

This Week in Petroleum History, November 10 to November 16

Modern offshore petroleum industry begins in 1947 in the Gulf of Mexico with the first successful oil well out of sight of land. Read More

This Week in Petroleum History, November 3 to November 9

America’s first auto show opens in 1900 in New York City with 48,000 visitors. The most popular “motor carriages” are electric, steam and gasoline…in that order. Read More


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Petroleum history news & EVENTS

Crude History of Maybel’s Eyelashes

Crude History of Maybel’s Eyelashes: Few associate oil wells of the 1860s with women’s smiling faces, but they are fashionably related. Read More

Blue Flame Natural Gas Rocket Car

The Blue Flame – Natural Gas Rocket Car: On October 23, 1970, natural gas powered the Blue Flame into the world land-speed record books. Read More

America on the Move

America on the Move: The Smithsonian Institution’s permanent transportation exhibition features “Route 66.” Read More

First Wyoming Oil Well

In 1883, tales of a fabled “tar spring” may have inspired a wildcatter – Pennsylvanian Mike Murphy – to drill Wyoming’s first oil well. Read More