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December 17, 2014


Petroleum History Calendar features Energy Education

For the first time, the American Oil & Gas Historical Society (AOGHS) has printed an energy education petroleum history calendar that includes dates with descriptions of milestones, oilfield discoveries, technologies, pioneers, and more.

The society’s 2015 “Today in American Petroleum History” calendar, printed in partnership with the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, is an ideal gift for friends, family and anyone who works in the oil and natural gas industry, according to AOGHS Executive Director Bruce Wells. Each month offers historical facts along with one of 12 Library of Congress oil patch photos from the 1930s.

“This unique AOGHS petroleum history calendar is the first of an annual energy education project,” Wells said. “It may be useful for teacher workshop programs, association members and company employees.”

Depending on the number ordered, the price per 11-inch by 17-inch calendar could be as low as $5 each. Beginning in 2016, the industry’s milestone dates will be available in customized calendar editions, Wells added.

“The petroleum industry’s social, economic and technological achievements provide an important context for teaching the modern energy business,” explained Wells, who founded the Washington, DC-based website in 2003. For more information about the petroleum history calendar, email Visit to order.

Bruce Wells
Executive Director
American Oil & Gas Historical Society
3204 18th Street, NW, No. 3
Washington, DC 20010